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ESPRESSO italiano



The blends of ESPRESSO® italiano coffee are specifically created to allow you to enjoy a real Neapolitan espresso at home, like you would in a café.

A state of the art preparation allows our products to preserve their aroma and enhance flavor.


For those who love a strong, decisive flavor and a thick and inviting coffee with a full-bodied aroma and an inebriating and intense scent.

A creamy and aromatic blend with an intense and full-bodied flavor, for a classic Neapolitan espresso.

For finer palates, a coffee with a delicate yet not less decisive flavor.

An unmistakable blend that envelopes and encloses, just like a real embrace, capable of extracting light out of the deepest darkness.

A decaffeinated blend with a light flavor and full aroma. For those who cannot do without a good cup of coffee, even in the evening.

A blend of fine coffees, carefully selected and roasted for a pleasantly creamy coffee with an intense flavor. The TOP line of ESPRESSO® Italiano.