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ESPRESSO italiano



coffee made in naples

an entirely italian story of a passion for coffee


ESPRESSO® s a young, dynamic brand that was born in Naples - where coffee is a ritual - from a long history of passion and tradition, which has been constantly marked over the years by the intense aroma of coffee.
It is in the incessant hard work of a team of professionals devoted to quality and service in the coffee industry that ESPRESSO conceived its mission: to spread the tradition of Neapolitan espresso coffee, technically understood as the highest expression of the characteristics of the coffee bean and as that unique moment of conviviality and enjoyment of taste and aroma.

The process in creating and implementing a blend of high-quality coffee starts from the selection of the best raw material and ends with its preparation in the café or at home. The company has reached an undeniable experience in cornering the best beans, executing a perfect roast, and distributing its products with precision and timing across all sales channels. After years of focusing on quality and customer care, ESPRESSO has now reached a product culture and a market know-how that few in the industry can match.



ESPRESSO® italiano has put all its emphasis on quality and excellence, since coffee is our job, but also our passion..



Creativity in the constant search for processes, products, and innovative collaborations.


Flexibility in orientation towards satisfaction and relationships with clients.


Technical capacity in roasting matured throughout the years, in the name of Italian tradition, always supported by research, dedication, and passion.