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ESPRESSO italiano


Made in naples

ESPRESSO® italiano is a young, dynamic brand that was born in Naples - where coffee is a ritual - from a long history of passion and tradition, which has been constantly marked over the years by the intense aroma of coffee.

Custodians who are passionate for the tradition of Italian espresso coffee, we not only aim to produce and market high quality blends, but also, and above all, to export and to disseminate the culture of coffee.

It is for this reason that we select only excellent beans from the best crops. Those that promise the intensity and aroma required to make our coffee.

A coffee that reaches our clients, while preserving a full and intense flavor, and all its aroma.


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home and office

Coffee blends created with passion, to allow you to enjoy a real Neapolitan espresso at home, like you would in a café.

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Only excellent beans from the best crops. Those that promise intensity and aroma become pur coffee in grains.

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